When quoting on painting of buildings which have not been maintained correctly. We attend to the replacement of areas that are beyond repair. The most common areas to be damaged of the exterior of an unmaintained building is the timber work.


The scope of work would usually include:


> Replacement of fascias
> Replacement of eaves
> Replacement of gutters
There are also those areas which can be saved, we would advise accordingly on site inspection. We offer this complete building refurbishment solution so that clients need not deal with many contractors but just one.
Other areas that are often badly damaged would be the steel work. In Cape Town, the rusting of steel balustrades, window frames and steel roof sheeting is inevitable if a good maintenance program has not been followed.
The replacement of these items is not always possible due to budget constraints. There are excellent products on the market which used correctly can stop the decaying of the metal and retain its state.

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