High Pressure Cleaners

High Pressure Roof Cleaning Services in Cape Town


The most common high pressure cleaning we are requested to do:
> High pressure cleaning of walls
> High pressure cleaning of roofs
> High pressure cleaning of paving
> The 200 bar pressure we use removes all fungi, general driveway dirt, ….certain paint spills.


High pressure cleaning of walls, roofs, paving, etc… Whether it be for paint preparation or just to remove dirt and grime, we can clean it for you.

High pressure cleaning is an extremely important part of preparation before painting.

It is vital to remove all fungi, dust, and loose or flaking paint off of the walls/roofs before painting.

Near the ocean there is a buildup of salt on the buildings which needs to be removed or the new paint will not bond with the surface. But apart from preparation for paint. We also offer general high pressure cleaning services.

High Pressure Paving Cleaning Services Cape Town

High-Pressure-Cleaning-of-PavingHigh pressure cleaning of paving is also our specialty.

We have trained professional workers with years of experience to clean you driveway paving, walkways, pool paving and so on.

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